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Tech 21 Adds 120 Watt Combo to Landmark Bass Amp Line

Feb 1, 2004

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The Landmark 120 is a 120-watt combo version of Tech 21's Landmark bass amp series consisting of a 60-watt combo, as well as 300-watt and 600-watt rackmount heads.

Based on the design features of Tech 21's SansAmp Bass Driver DI, the Landmark 120 offers a range of vintage and modern tube amp sounds, as well as a variety of overdriven tones -- even at low volume. The interactive controls give you access to specific tone shaping characteristics to create your own custom sounds as well.

The 100% analog Landmark 120 features a custom-designed Eminence 15" speaker, which uses a costly Neodymium magnet for high efficiency and ultra low weight. For studio and live applications, Tech 21's proprietary SansAmp technology enables you to go straight into the mixer of a recorder or PA system via the XLR Direct Output. The Landmark 120 also has 3-band active EQ, cut or boost 12dB and Tech 21's unique Blend control to combine any amount of direct instrument signal with the SansAmp circuitry. Other features include effect loop, headphone output, 1/4" speaker output, and a scuff-proof cabinet with chrome-plated steel grille. Tech 21's Landmark 120 delivers a truckload of big bass amp rigs in a single, cost-effective, 48 lb. package.

For additional volume and flexibility, Tech 21 offers a matching Bass Power Engine 60 which provides 60 watts of transparent power and features a custom-designed 12" speaker. The Bass Power Engine 60 can also be used as a "pre-amp amplifier" or personal monitoring system. MSRP: $445.00.

For more information, visit their web site at www.tech21nyc.com.
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