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The Rhapsody Basses from Dean

Nov 17, 2000

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In the world of boutique basses, it was a challenge for Dean to design a line of basses with all the features and versatility of the higher end basses at an affordable price. There are 8 Dean Rhapsody models available with retail prices starting at $359 and topping out at $789. This line of full-bodied basses boasts an intriguing, deep cutaway design that makes access and playability a treat for all players. A 34" scale length, 24 fret bolt on neck and shapely design make them some of the most comfortable basses on the market. These gorgeous basses include an 8 string, 12 string, quilted 4 and 5 string, a fretless and a fretted semi-hollow body model. The 8 string model includes the added feature of a Bubinga top for brighter overtones. The Rhapsody Q models (4 or 5 string) boast a quilted maple top making these models stunningly beautiful. The 12 string Rhapsody has an extremely comfortable 2-1/8" nut width. These models also include the Dean 3D pre-amp and 2 piece anchor bridge system. With active electronics, the Dean preamp allows for plenty of EQ control. The 2 piece anchor bridge is featured on 7 of the 8 models allowing for great sustain. If it's a warmer acoustic sound you1re after, pick up the semi-hollow body models.

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