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Three New Style Sets Released for Band-in-a-Box

Jun 28, 2003

PG Music has released three new Styles Sets for its Band-in-a-Box music accompaniment program. These new sets add over sixty new styles to the more than 700 styles currently available. Included with this release are Styles Set 34 -- World Styles, Styles Set 35 -- Requested Jazz and Styles Set 36 -- Rock On!

These new Styles Sets employ the most current features of the Band-in-a-Box StyleMaker including intelligent guitar voicings and the sounds of the General MIDI (GM) and General MIDI 2 (GM2) sound sets. Minimum requirements to take full advantage of these new styles sets is Band-in-a-Box version 11 or higher for Windows or Macintosh.

Styles Set 34 -- "World Styles" features 20 new styles from many countries including Jamaica, Malaysia, Brazil, Spain, England, Israel, Ireland, Italy, Algeria, the Far-East, Scotland and Germany. Included styles: Celtic; German Schlager and Klezmer; Spanish Paso Doble; Malay Dangdut, a popular Malaysian song style; the common Brazilian Latin folk-rhythm of the Forro style; a 2-beat Klezmer style; Far-Eastern monophonic tabla styles; a 6/8 Italian dance style and many more. Styles Set 35 -- "Requested Jazz" includes styles suggested by Band-in-a-Box users. Featured styles are Jazz Waltzes, left-hand only piano comping, Big Band fast Swing, Funky Latin-Jazz, Jazz guitar comping, Piano Trio with sparse with un-busy comping, slow Swing Ballad, Pop-Jazz Orchestral, older Jazz styles like Up-tempo Swing Dixieland, Jazz Swing Trio in 3/4, Jazz style features Nylon rhythm and others.

Styles Set 36 -- "Rock On!" features 20 great new Rock and Pop styles based on the contemporary music scene. This Band-in-a-Box styles collection includes styles like the Glam Rock, Latin Pop, Urban, World 12/8 Power Rock Ballad, Loud 12/8 Rock with acoustic piano, Progressive Rock even 8ths 4/4, and Latin Disco Pop Rock styles of today.

Styles Sets are available for $29 each and customers can download any of them immediately from www.pgmusic.com or order via mail, phone, fax or e-mail directly from PG Music Inc. MIDI file samples of each style can be downloaded prior to purchase.

For more information, visit their web site at www.pgmusic.com.
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