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Soloing with Triads (8-Note Dominant) - Page 2

by Laurence Mollerup
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Because this scale is symmetrical at the minor third, every triad we play starting on the root can be played on the b3, #11, and 13th. That means we have G dim, G min, and G major triads built off the root. We also have Bb dim, Bb min, and Bb major, C# dim, C# min, and Db major, and E dim, E min, and E major triads.
Enharmonic spelling happens a lot in this scale, don't let it bug you!

So there are twelve triads. The other triads available are G#, B, D and F diminished, for a total of fourteen triads.

Here are the G, Bb, Db and E triads in root position. seq|4_3|3_1|3_4|4_3|3_1|2_0|4_3|3_2|2_0|3_1|3_4|2_2|3_1|3_4|2_3|3_1|2_0|2_3|3_4|2_2|2_5|3_4|2_2|2_6|3_4|2_3|2_6|2_2|1_0|1_3|2_2|1_0|1_4|2_2|1_1|1_4|seq

Pages: 1 · 2 · 3 · 4 · 5
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