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Two New Titles in Berklee Press' Songwriting Series

Jul 19, 2000

Berklee Press is continuing its songwriting series with two new titles that will help writers of all skill levels.

Songwriting: Essential Guide to Lyric Form and Structure
Tools and Techniques for Writing Better Lyrics
by Pat Pattison

Pat Pattison, a veteran songwriter, has taught many of Berklee College of Music's best and brightest students how to write truly great lyrics. This book will help you handle your lyric structures more effectively. Showing you how to take control of your lyrics by honing your creative process, this books reveals the secrets of how to become a naturally great lyricist. By studying examples of famous songs, you will learn to integrate the techniques of the pros into your own lyric-writing craft. Songs discussed include: "Be Still My Beating Heart" by Sting, "Haitian Divorce & Your Gold Teeth" by Walter Becker and Donald Fagan of Steely Dan, "My Old Kentucky Home" by Randy Newman, "Why Can't I Have You" by Rick Ocasek, and "Can't Fight This Feeling" by Kevin Cronin.

The exercises and tools in this book will help you eliminate some trial and error, to help you start writing better lyrics more quickly and efficiently. It will also show you how to integrate spontaneous soloing as part of your expressive vocabulary, strategically manage the timing and placement of your most important ideas, and enjoy more creative possibilities than you've experience before. Step-by-Step Guide to Better Rhyming and Better Lyrics
by Pat Pattison

This book has a very specific purpose: to help you find better rhymes and use them more effectively. Rhyme is one of the most crucial areas of lyric writing, and this guide will provide you with all the technical information necessary to develop your skills completely. Make rhyme work for you, and your lyric writing will greatly improve.

If you have written lyrics before, even at a professional level, you can still gain greater control and understanding of your craft with the exercises and worksheets included in this book. Hone your writing technique and skill with this practical and fun approach to the art of lyric writing.

For more information, visit their web site at www.berkleepress.com.
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