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Two new Pop-Filters from Groove Tubes

Jan 23, 2005

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Adding to their accessory line, Groove Tubes has introduced their new PF-1 and PF-2 pop filters at the NAMM show. Using a stretched mesh steel design, the new GT pop filters are intended for professional miking applications in the studio and on stage.

"The design of the PF-1 and PF-2 makes them excellent at cutting back on plosives or other unruly transients, but unlike fabric mesh filters, you won't lose high frequencies at the same time," says Aspen Pittman, Groove Tubes founder and president. "The special expanded steel mesh redirects the air flow downward, away from the capsule, but allows full range audio to pass through virtually unchanged." The GT PF-1 ($59 US MSRP) is an oval-shaped (4.5" x5.5") pop filter intended for in studio vocal recording, while the PF-2 ($49 US MSRP) is a round, low-profile (3.5" diameter) pop filter designed for small-diaphragm mics that can be used in both vertical or horizontal applications. Both models include an adjustable mounting bracket assembly and a sturdy 9" gooseneck. The PF-1 and PF-2 also employ a special expanded steel mesh that can be sanitized by simply washing and will last much longer than ordinary fabric pop filters.

For more information, visit their web site at www.groovetubes.com.
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