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Washburn Releases New Electric Guitar Package

Aug 29, 2000

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Washburn International is offering an electric guitar package that features the best of both worlds, a guitar from a historic guitar manufacturer and an amp from a great amplifier company. The new WR150PKG starts with a Washburn WR150 electric guitar, available in Metallic Blue, Metallic Red or Black. Hardly an "entry-level" instrument, the WR150 has been a mainstay in the Washburn line for the past few years. This new model, however, has an improved 24-fret rosewood fingerboard. As always, the WR150 has a solid-wood body, SSH pickup configuration, fulcrum tremolo and Grover tuners.

For the amplifier element of the package, Washburn looked to its subsidiary, Randall Amplifiers. "What we found," says Washburn Sales Manager John Kelley, "was that our customers felt most packages on the market have a weak point. They either have a name-brand guitar and ‘no name’ amp or vice versa, but never both." The solution to the problem was to include the Randall RG15X guitar amp in the Washburn package. This amp has a master volume and gain control, boost switch to activate the distortion channel, three-band EQ and a line and headphone out. "The Randall gives the package further credibility," continues Kelley, "and offers consumers more of what they want in a guitar package." The WR150PKG also includes the best-selling "Guitar Method" instructional CD-ROM by eMedia to help beginners through the basics. The CD-ROM, while technically a beginner lesson, also features tips for intermediate-level players as well. Of course, the package also contains all the necessary "extras" for guitarists of any playing level, such as a padded gig bag, digital tuner, nylon guitar strap and guitar picks. The package retails for $499.90.

For additional information about Washburn International, please visit the company on the web at www.washburn.com. For more info on Randall, please visit the company on its website at www.randall.com. For more information on eMedia, please see their website at www.emedia.org.
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