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White Finger Compressor Joins EH Pedal Lineup

Jul 23, 2004

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Intended for use with both guitar and bass, the White Finger is an optical compressor with an FET signal path.

The pedal is a fixed threshold design with four primary controls: Compress, which sets the amount of compression, Sensitivity, Pre-Gain, to set the amount of the input that gets sent to the compression circuit, and a Post-Gain knob to set the overall output level. Additional controls include a Lamp/LED switch to change the light source used by the compressor for different effects and a Sqsh/Norm switch to adjust the attack time. There are also LEDs to indicate the amount of compression occurring and whether the effect in on or off. You will also find the standard input and output jacks, plus a Direct Output jack so you always have access to the input signal, whether the effects is engaged or not.

The White Finger runs on an AC adapter only, which is included.

For more information, visit their web site at www.ehx.com.
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