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X-Amp from Radial Makes Re-Amping Easy

Nov 3, 2003

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Radial Engineering has released the X-Amp, an active, 100% discreet Class-A re-amplifying device that converts a low-impedance balanced line level signal such as from a tape recorder, mic preamplifier, direct box or keyboard to a hi-impedance guitar-level signal to drive guitar amplifiers or effect pedals.

The Radial X-Amp features two independent outputs, one of which is direct coupled while the other is transformer isolated and features a polarity reverse to 'phase match' the two amplifiers. This allows two amplifiers with different ground reference voltages to be used in tandem without introducing dreaded ground loops. To further ensure clean signal operation, a choice of input and output ground lifting is offered. To make sure the appropriate signal level reaches the guitar amplifier, an overload LED on the front control panel is included along with an output level control to the amplifier. The Radial X-Amp may also be used to extend guitar cables when used in conjunction with the Radial JDI, J48 or JDV direct boxes. This is of prime importance to player-engineers that like to sit in the control room and play guitar while their amplifiers and effect pedals are located in an isolation booth or on the studio floor.

The Radial X-Amp is housed in a 14-gauge, I-Beam steel frame with a book-end cover and baked enamel finish. These combine to ensure the X-Amp is never exposed to outside stress that could cause cold solder joints while providing the switches, potentiometers and jacks with maximum protection against damage. For more permanent installations, the X-Amp may be rack-mounted using the Radial J-Rak rack shelf.

For more information, visit their web site at www.cabletek.ca/radialeng.
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