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ZonePro 1260 and 1261 Digital Zone Processors Debut at AES

Oct 29, 2004

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dbx Professional Products announced the introduction of the ZonePro 1260 and 1261 Digital Zone Processors. Along with the previously released ZonePro 640 and 641, the 1260 and 1261 are system processors built from the ground up to deliver powerful DSP for Commercial Audio applications.

With 12 inputs and 6 outputs and extremely flexible routing, the ZonePro 1260 and 1261 are ideal for many types of systems. Each output zone can be configured with either a mixer or a router with primary, priority and paging sources with both Priority Override and Page Ducking.

Besides flexible signal routing, the ZonePro products offer DSP processing in an easy to use package. The powerful processing is optimized with modules to increase the intelligibility of the input sources such as EQ, Feedback Suppression, Compression, De-Essing and Gating. Additionally there is processing to maximize the efficiency of the outputs such as Bandpass Filters, Delay, EQ, a dynamics module where you can select between a Compressor, Limiter or Automatic Gain Control. There is also a patent-pending AutoWarmth function that dynamically adjusts the amount of low frequency based on the average level of the input signal. The ZonePro Designer software provides complete control of all the routing and processing functions. With a Configuration Wizard to speed system setup and the ability to store off and recall multiple scenes, the ZonePro products offer additional functionality for room combining or other applications requiring changes in the system. Combined with the internal real-time-clock, the scene recall can even provide automatic system changes. Programmable wall panels offer an elegant interface for end-user functions like volume, source and scene selection and paging. Offering flexible routing, powerful processing, automatic system changes and multiple control surfaces, the ZonePro 1260 and 1261 are the perfect tools for commercial applications.

The ZonePro 1260 and 1261 will begin shipping in early October and have an estimated street price of $1799.95 and $1599.95 respectively.

For more information, visit their web site at www.dbxpro.com.
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