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Led Zeppelin's 2007 Reunion Concert Rumored for 2012 DVD Release

Posted by Jim Burger on Sep 8, 2012


For those of you who just can't get enough Led Zeppelin, it looks like they are finally getting around to releasing a DVD of the highly-regarded Zep reunion that took place 5 years ago in London to raise money for the for the Ahmet Ertegun Education Fund. The band played a set of classic Zeppelin tunes with Jason Bonham sitting in on drums.

Sounds like it could be worth a view/listen, they covered almost all of their hits and the concert was well-received.

If only the great bands that had broken up in the past might be able to find charities that make it worth doing a reunion show, life would be much happier...

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Bob Dylan Streaming New Album for Free

Posted by Jim Burger on Sep 6, 2012


Hot off the presses -- anyone who can't wait until the new Bob Dylan album "Tempest" gets released, you can't buy it until 9/11, but you can stream it free now on iTunes! It's a free hour of Dylan listening pleasure!

I'm just listening to it now, so far I gotta say it sounds very bluesy, with a couple of old-style Dylan tunes. Bob's voice has gotten real gravelly, so I guess that's a good fit.

On the other hand, if I wanted to listen to this type of music and a gravelly voice, I'd rather listen to Howlin' Wolf -- just my two cents...

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Aerosmith's Brad Whitford discusses his live gear

Posted by Jim Burger on Sep 3, 2012


Here's an in-depth video where Aerosmith's Brad Whitfor talks about his gear for the band's Global Warming tour. It's a cool, lengthy look at stuff that includes includes guitars, amps, and effects from Fender, Gibson, Echopark, Marshall, Bogner, 3 Monkeys, Pigtronix, TC Electronic, Eventide, and more.

And don't forget -- their new album is due out November 6th, a couple of the songs from it have already been pre-released. If you haven't heard them yet, they are "Lover Alot" and "What Could Have Been Love". Check 'em out!

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Watch Whitesnake Singer David Coverdale Get Interviewed by His Granddaughter

Posted by Jim Burger on Aug 31, 2012


I realize that all of these rockers are starting to get a bit old (as am I!), but nothing really makes you realize it as much as seeing a one-time hot-shot singer get interviewed by his own granddaughter! Check out this cute interview of David Coverdale.

Source: http://ultimateclassicrock.com/whitesnake-david-coverdale-granddaughter-interview/

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The Eagles' Don Felder Thought 'Hotel California' Would Flop

Posted by Jim Burger on Aug 24, 2012


Here's a good one. Eagles' guitarist Don Felder originally thought Hotel California would be unsuccessful because the intro was too long and the song was too long.

Here is an interview with Felder where he talks a bunch about what went into making Hotel California, it's pretty interesting stuff. I like how it gives insight into the creative process, where Felder wrote the music, then Henley and Frey molded it into the final creation.

The only thing that mystifies me is, did Felder really think every song needed to be under 4 minutes? 'Stairway to Heaven' came out 5 years before 'Hotel California'. He should have known better...

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