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Audix offers a broad product base of high-quality professional sound equipment including live and studio microphones.  ActiveMusician is your connection to these pro audio products, which also include a complete line of powered speakers and passive monitors.

Focusing for the past decade on product technology, research and development, Audix has continually pushed the frontiers of audio development engineering to their maximum limits.  The OM-Series microphones are a great example of Audix's high quality dynamic vocal mic's.  Check out the OM2 and OM5 dynamic mic's that are built tough for live applications, yet powerful enough for studio recording.  The OM2 is an American-made, hand held vocal microphone designed primarily for live performance.  It features a transformer-less design, low impedance, and balanced output, which allow for interference free performances even with long cable runs.  Similarly the OM5 dynamic microphone is another great choice for vocal performances.  It features a tailored mid-range, which provides clarity and presence making it easier for the vocals to be heard both in the mains and monitors.  By employing Audix's VLM (very low mass) capsule technology, the OM5 has exceptional transient response.   

ActiveMusician also carries many Audix drum mic's, including the D2, D4, and D6 dynamic drum microphones. The D2 is an American-made instrument microphone designed for live and studio performance. The D2 is an ideal choice for rack toms, floor toms, congas, and other instruments requiring low frequency reproduction.  The D4 drum microphone features a hypercardioid pickup pattern and a wide frequency response of 40 Hz- 18kHz. The D4 is a perfect choice for instruments requiring precise low frequency reproduction.  The D6 drum microphone has an even lower frequency response of 30 Hz-15 kHz, which makes it an ideal choice for kick drums and bass cabinets.

In addition to single drum mics, ActiveMusician also carries Audix fusion drum mic packages.  The fusion 4 drum mic pack contains three F-10 microphones and one F-12 kick/floor tom mic.  The fusion 6 mic pack, adds two F-15 overhead condenser mic's in addition to three F-10 drum mics and one F-12 kick/floor tom mic.

ActiveMusician sells a wide selection of other musical items in addition to Audix microphones. Order 24/7 by calling 1-888-731-0111 toll-free or visiting our secure Web site.

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