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Dean Markley has grown into one of the industry's major string manufacturers without compromising their ideals and standards. In a "me too" industry, Dean Markley made his own rules, creating innovative products such as the Blue Steel string line, Promag acoustic pickups, SR2000 bass strings, and the Enviro Electric and Formula 82/R Acoustic string lines. Basically every product that the Dean Markley company makes, is the very best in its field.

ActiveMusician carries Dean Markley guitar strings, bass string sets, guitar pickups, and more.  Be sure to check out the Dean Markley Promag acoustic soundhole pickup. The promag, is the result of a patented coil configuration. The goal, when designing the Grand, was to keep that same great sound of the Dean Markley ProMag Plus, while doing it with a silent Humbucking coil. With a real maple wood housing and an ebony grand piano finish, Grand sounds, looks, and is an acoustical pickup you must have.

We also feature a wide variety of Dean Markley quality strings including the Blue Steel series and the Jimi Hendrix signature series.  Blue Steel strings are constructed out of brilliant stainless steel, and cryogenically processed, allowing them to last up to three times longer then a regular guitar string.  The Jimi Hendrix signature series come after extensive research, done by company president Dean Markley and his staff.  They were able to determine with some certainty that Hendrix played different types of guitar strings at different points in his career. Using the knowledge gained from their research, the engineers at Dean Markley Strings have developed two types of Jimi Hendrix guitar strings, both of which deliver the string qualities the guitarist would look for were he playing today.

In addition to  Dean Markley guitar strings and Dean Markley pickups, ActiveMusician sells a wide selection of other musical items. Order 24/7 by calling 1-888-731-0111 toll-free or visiting our secure Web site.

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