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ActiveMusician.com is an authorized Fender dealer.

With its longstanding tradition of quality products, Fender is one of the most popular music brands in the world. When searching online for great deals on Fender guitars, look no further than ActiveMusician. We are a leading online resource for electric and acoustic Fender guitars for all types of players, from beginners to advanced musicians.
Even if you seek a specialized product such as a left-handed Fender electric guitar, a 12-string acoustic or a 5-string bass, ActiveMusician has got your special needs covered. Looking for a Fender Stratocaster beginner package? Visit our top-selling section and check out our Squier® SE-100 Electric Guitar Starter Pack, which includes a Squier® Stratocaster® guitar, mini amplifier and much more. If you prefer to go unplugged, then our Fender® DG-8 Solid-Top Acoustic Guitar Package is perfect for your preferences.

For more advanced players or those looking for a genuine Fender Stratocaster or Telecaster, check out our selection of real Fender electric guitars from the Fender Standard and Deluxe series, or the American-made Fender Highway 1 Series.

And don't forget Fender basses - the Fender Precision Bass and Jazz Bass have been as revolutionary in the history of music as Fender guitars, and we've got a full selection of 4-string and 5-string P-basses and J-Basses for players of all levels and styles from Fender and Squier.

Besides guitars and basses, ActiveMusician also sells a full range of Fender guitar amps and Fender bass amplifiers. If you're an experienced guitarist looking for tube tone with some serious muscle, check out the legendary Fender Hot Rod Deluxe and Hot Rod Deville tube amps. For beginners, the 10-watt Squier® Sidekick is an ideal and affordable Fender amp, while the Fender® Frontman 25R 25-watt Guitar Amp with Reverb is especially convenient for those starting to gig. For bass players, the Fender Rumble and Bassman series bass amps cover all the basses.

In addition to Fender guitars and amplifiers, ActiveMusician sells a wide selection of other musical items from this world-class company. Order Fender guitars, strings and much more 24/7 by calling 1-888-731-0111 toll-free or visiting our secure Web site. Your order will be processed the next business day and arrive at your door a couple days later. We'll even provide free shipping on almost all orders that are more than $199.
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