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Visit ActiveMusician for the latest products from the popular JBL brand. Cover your live sound needs with our low prices for JBL speakers, monitors, PA systems, accessories and much more as compared to the suggested retail listings.

Check out our portable JBL Control 1 150 watt Two-Way Miniature Speaker Systems, which are available in black and white colors. The perfect combination of high performance, compact design and rugged construction, these versatile JBL speakers can provide full-range, low distortion reproduction for recording studios, video control rooms, broadcast studios, restaurants and many more applications. Upgrade with some JBL Control 5 175 watt Compact Control Monitor Speakers and add some more power to the sound in your specific venue.
Knock out of all your audio needs in one purchase with the JBL EON E-System 10 Complete Portable Sound Reinforcement/PA System. With two JBL G2 speakers and AKG D2000S Microphones, four XLR/M to XLR/F cables and a Soundcraft E6 sound reinforcement mixer, these complimentary features ultimately combine to form a most special reinforcement system.

View our other high-quality JBL audio products. Featuring a 10" JBL subwoofer, increased power and a three input mini-mixer, the EON10 G2 Powered Speaker is ideal for AV applications and small music performances. Weighing only 38 pounds and featuring ergonomically-designed handles, the EON1500 Passive Speaker is as flexible as it gets.

Order our JBL items today by calling 1-888-731-0111 toll-free or visiting us online. We'll provide free shipping on almost all orders that are more than $199.
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