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Samson began 26 years ago as an audio technology company designing wireless microphone systems. Today, Samson audio and Samson wireless are an industry leader in all areas of audio and wireless technology. Over 350 products have been designed and distributed by Samson and are sold in 106 countries throughout the world.  Samson Audio's position as an innovator and leading audio technology company has produced a variety of industry-changing audio products.

ActiveMusician is your connection to Samson wireless and Samson pro audio systems.  ActiveMusician carries many Samson vocal systems such as the Samson airline 77 wireless microphone as well as Samson wireless guitar and wireless instrument setups.  Other variations are also available such as Samson wireless headsets and other vocal amplification options.

Airline77 is Samson's newest version of the Airline series that features the first micro-technology transmitters in the industry. Traditional wireless systems consist of a belt-packs and wires that hinder the performer. With Samson Airline 77 wireless, there are no belt-packs and no cables, allowing the user complete freedom.

ActiveMusician also carries Samson Airline guitar and bass systems. The revolutionary AirLine "plug-in" guitar transmitters come in two versions: the AF1 for Strat(R)-style inputs and the AG1 for traditional Gibson(R)-style end-mount inputs and all others. Less than half the size of conventional body packs, these miniaturized transmitters run on a tiny triple-A battery with 14-hour battery life.  We also feature the Airline UHF Bass Guitar System, which eliminates body packs with a tiny micro transmitter that plugs right into the bass guitar. The AP1B, the system's receiver, is designed to easily integrate into an effect pedal setup and features a shape circuitry yielding a fat bottom end and fullness never before heard in a wireless system for bass.

ActiveMusician also offers a full line of Samson Audio products, including affordable, high-quality Samson microphones such as the revolutionary C01U USB Microphone, as well as Samson Mixers and Samson speakers and studio monitors. In addition to Samson audio and Samson wireless, ActiveMusician sells a wide selection of other musical items. Order 24/7 by calling 1-888-731-0111 toll-free or visiting our secure web site.

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