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If you're looking for that classic Vox amp sound, ActiveMusician has the selection and value you need to get set up right. From digital vox amps to the amazingly versatile tube sound of Valvetronix, you'll find exactly what you need to reach that distinct sound style you're looking for.

A Vox amplifier has long been the top choice of some of the world's most highly respected musicians. Offering an incredible range of sound-creating potential, use Vox guitar amps for anything from vintage to modern, hi-gain to clean, and everything in between. Choose the classic Vox AD100VT and you get all this sound potential simply by adjusting the knobs!
In addition to Vox amplifiers, ActiveMusician offers Vox amp modelers, wah wah pedals and other accessories for your guitars. The Vox Tonelab Valvetronix Amp Modeler with Effects is a portable, desktop box that is able to provide the sound, feel and dynamic range that was at one time only possible with several all-tube amplifiers.

Looking for that special pedal board processor that really gives you a full palette of tones? Check out the VOX Tonelab SE, a large-format multi-effect modeling pedal board processor.

Complete your sound today! Place an order for Vox guitar amplifiers or Vox amp accessories online or by calling 888-731-0111. We'll even provide free shipping on almost all orders that are more than $199.
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