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dbx 1086 Mic Preamp and Dynamics Processor

Sep 26, 1997

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The V2 VCA enables the 1086's mic pre to boast superb dynamic range characteristics while maintaining very low distortion and almost immeasurable noise. The mic pre section features a variable-frequency low-cut filter and unique low and high detail equalization controls, as well as +48V phantom power, a 20dB pad and phase invert switch. Levels are visible on a backlit custom VU meter. The 1086's mic pre can also be used independently of its dynamic processing section via mic pre outs (1/4-inch and XLR) on the rear panel.

The 1086 has all the features that brought dbx to the forefront of dynamics control and processing, including an award-winning compressor, de-esser, expander/gate and limiter. In the compressor section, selectable hard-knee or OverEasy(R) characteristics make the 1086 ideal for virtually all gain control needs, whether looking for "heavy" almostspecial-effects compression or soft, smooth gain leveling. The de-esser is the "classic" dbx de-esser, featuring variable controls for both threshold and frequency settings.

The expander/gate, made popular on the dbx 1066, has threshold and ratio controls coupled with a two-part meter for visual indication of the signal in relation to the threshold level. For overall speaker protection, dbx's new patent-pending PeakStopPlus limiter does all previous circuits one better. With its new design, PeakStopPlus prevents unwanted transients from blowing drivers -while minimizing the sine wave distortion common to many other "hard" limiters. The 1086 is built in the now-standard dbx 10 Series design, in which lightpipe technology replaces the standard LEDs found on most units, making the piece both very easy to read and much easier to operate.

The 1086 can optionally be outfitted with dbx's Type IV(TM) digital output, similar to the company's Blue Series model 704. Type IV offers the equivalent performance of 27-bit for the widest dynamic range and most natural analog-sounding conversion available. With it, the warmth of the original analog signal can be brought into the digital domain, making the 1086 ideal for digital workstation recording or with the modular digital multitrack machines now on the market. The Dither and Shape switches on the far right-hand side of the 1086 are specifically intended for this type of conversion, and will not be enabled unless the optional dbx Type IV kit has been installed.

Suggested US retail pricing on the dbx 1086 is $749.95.

For more information, visit their web site at www.dbxpro.com.
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