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dbx Announces AFS 224 Feedback Suppression Processor

Jun 24, 2003

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dbx has announced the introduction of the AFS 224 Advanced Feedback Suppression processor, designed to provide state-of-the-art feedback elimination processing while maintaining a simple control interface. From the powerful DSP module to the no-nonsense user interface, the AFS 224 provides all the processing and control necessary for both installation and live use.

Ten and twelve filter feedback elimination processors have become the de facto standard, but the engineering staff at dbx has developed a dedicated feedback suppression processor that offers up to 24 filters per channel with widths as narrow as 1/80 of an octave. To achieve these numbers dbx utilized their AFS technology that had previously only been available in the upper echelon line of products and made it available in this stand-alone processor. In addition to the number of feedback suppression filters available, the AFS 224 also offers selectable modes, live filter lift, and types of filtration, which are all readily available via the intuitive user interface front panel.

For more information, visit their web site at www.dbxpro.com.
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