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dbx Introduces 442 DriveRack

Jan 18, 2002

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dbx introduces one of the latest additions to the DriveRack family of products, the 442 DriveRack. The new 442 DriveRack unit, designed for touring and fixed installations, features four channels of EQ and compressor/limiter technology with assignable filters and delays. Each channel of the 442 has an assignable input EQ that can be switched from a graphic EQ to a 9-band parametric EQ. In addition, there are 10 notch filters that can be assigned to the channels and each channel includes a compressor/limiter and a delay as well as output phase control. The 442 works in conjunction with the DriveRack system and can be controlled from the 480R remote, a PC running the DriveWare software or a 480 Master. dbx DriveRack units are designed to be the only signal processors necessary between mixing consoles and powered amplifiers.

For more information, visit their web site at www.dbxpro.com.
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