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dbx Launches Drive Rack Speaker Management System

Oct 2, 1999

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Designed to be the only device necessary between the mixerand the power amps, dbx’s new Drive Rack is an all-inclusive loudspeaker management system versatile enough to suit any sound reinforcement, monitoring or install application. There are four components available in the dbx Drive Rack line, providing quick and easy solutions to every imaginable scenario across the audio spectrum. inputs and eight outputs which can be tailored for any configuration. By including every form of processing necessary to drive the signal from the mixer to the power amps—such as pre-crossover EQ, notch filters, speaker delay, multiple crossovers, speaker compensation EQ, driver alignment delay and compression limiting—the 480 is truly the only box necessary for any sound system application. Two real time analyzers can run simultaneously with RTA source inputs capable of being remotely switched on the fly. The 480 is fully programmable from the front panel, with the 480R remote control, or through a computer via the GUI port.

The 481S and 482S are slave units offering all of the functionality and features of the 480. Both incorporate four inputs and eight outputs, with Euroblock connectors on the 481S and XLRs on the 482S. The only thing they do not include is the front panel programming interface. All programming functions can be performed through the 480, 480R, or via the Windows GUI. An unlimited number of slaves can be chained together.

The 480R is the master remote controller for the entire Drive Rack system. It is capable of controlling and programming multiple 480, 481S and 482S units. It features 31 flying faders which can automatically recall the Graphic EQ settings of any unit on the network. The 480R can simultaneously control multiple Drive Racks, allowing global EQ adjustments to be made quickly. Thirty-two instant access buttons can be programmed to immediately recall the parameter screens that are used the most. The large custom display mirrors the display of the selected unit, and the 480R also includes its own real time analyzer. Furthermore, the 480R can be stationed up to 500 feet from the master 480, making it the perfect choice for front-of-house mixing. For more information, visit dbx at www.dbxpro.com.
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