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dbx Releases System Control Upgrade to DriveWare

Jan 17, 2002

dbx announced the creation of DriveRack System Control, the latest release of the DriveWare program used to control DriveRack units. System Control was designed for the live sound environment where there is a need for large amounts of processing using a simple control surface.

DriveRack System Control offers the user the ability to link multiple units together and control them all using one simple interface. System Control allows output groups to be created across multiple units of a DriveRack network, thus allowing these groups to be controlled as a single output with global controls and EQ. Various units may be distributed around a venue, yet with System Control, they can appear and be controlled as a single group. The new software allows the user to set up an input group and up to 32 output groups. The user can then control input EQs and delays for all the DriveRack units from a single surface. The output groups offer the user control over output levels, mutes and output delay for all the units on a DriveRack network.

For more information, visit their web site at www.dbxpro.com.
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