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dbx Releases Upgraded DriveRack Firmware

Mar 12, 2001

dbx announces the release of version 2.0 firmware for its DriveRack line of complete equalization and loudspeaker management systems. The upgraded firmware enhances the user interface and integrates MIDI mute and Q controls.

The upgraded version 2.0 firmware will be available in March and is compatible with all 480 series DriveRack units. The upgrade also provides faster network control, network monitoring of level and gain reduction meters and improved limiter topology.

"The new version 2.0 firmware provides greater flexibility and power to live sound engineers." said Rob Urry, president of Harman Music Group. "It's very easy to use and allows for total control of all aspects of loudspeaker management." and engineers. Units feature complete EQ, crossover and compressor/limiter technology and are designed to be the only signal processors necessary between mixing consoles and powered amplifiers.

Multiple DriveRack units can also be networked together using dbx's DriveWare interactive software. The DriveWare software allows an engineer to control and edit parameters on multiple DriveRack units in a large venue all from one centrally located PC. Networked units, depicted graphically on the PC, can be easily accessed and controlled by clicking on a unit's image.

For more information, visit their web site at www.dbxpro.com.
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