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dbx offers Zone Controllers for the DriveRack 260

Jan 16, 2003

dbx announced the ZC-Wall-mounted Controllers to be used with the DriveRack 260 at Winter NAMM. The dbx DriveRack products provide tools that ensure that the systems sound their very best. In addition to the menu of processors available, the 260 also affords you the luxury of utilizing dbx Zone-Controller series wall-mounted control panels that will allow you to remotely control various parameters of the 260. The ZC-1 offers remote programmable Volume control to any installation using the DriveRack 260. The ZC-2 provides programmable Volume and Mute control. Both the ZC-1 and ZC-2 can be programmed for up to six outputs of the DriveRack 260. The ZC-3 allows Program Selection on the 260. The ZC-4 also offers Program Selection via Contact Closure inputs for Room Combining applications. Up to six Zone Controllers can be used with a single DriveRack 260, and can either be wired in series or parallel. The ZC-BOB was created to accommodate "home-run" or parallel wiring to the unit. With a maximum length of 5,000 ft., the Zone Controllers offer a simple way to create a simple yet elegant solution to may installation applications.

For more information, visit their web site at www.dbxpro.com.
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