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eMedia and Washburn Team Up to Offer Starter Bundles

Sep 19, 2000

eMedia Music, maker of the best-selling line of instructional guitar software, is pleased to announce the inclusion of their Starter Lessons in the WR150PKG and the D8K Washburn Guitar Bundles. Since 1995, eMedia's guitar software has been widely available in most major MI retailers. This will be the 1st time eMedia's lessons have been a part of a guitar package, allowing customers to truly buy everything needed to start playing guitar.

Washburn is unveiling both an electric and acoustic bundle. Included with the Starter Lessons in the electric bundle is a Washburn WR150 electric guitar and a Randall RG15X amp. The acoustic bundle includes the Washburn D8, eMedia's Starter Lessons and a padded gig bag, digital tuner, nylon guitar strap and guitar picks. "The decision to use eMedia software was an easy one," says Washburn Sales Manager John Kelley. "We wanted to include the most complete lessons possible for our customers." Starter Lessons includes all the tools that an aspiring guitarist needs to really get going on the instrument. There are 20 step-by-step lessons supported by full-motion videos with an on-screen teacher (Kevin Garry, guitar instructor at UC Boulder), and several songs to make learning fun and motivating.

Added to this is an impressive array of accessories are an automatic tuner (for visually tuning one's guitar to the computer), a metronome, chord dictionary with playback, and recorder. This provides experienced and beginner guitarists alike with a complete range of guitar tools at their disposal. This package obviously adds a great deal of value when bundled with guitars. In fact, these items sold separately would cost well over $200!

For more information please contact eMedia Music at (888) 363-3424 or Washburn at (800) 877-6863, or visit their web sites at www.emedia.org and www.washburn.com.
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