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gig-fx Launches the KILO-WAH Effects Pedal

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gig-fx Launches the KILO-WAH Effects Pedal

Jun 28, 2007

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gig-fx is pleased to announce that the all-analog KILO-WAH is now released for general sale throughout North America and Europe. The KILO-WAH captures the versatility and sounds of the popular MEGA-WAH but in a mono format and at a lower cost. The MEGA-WAH is the wah pedal of choice of renowned artists such as Johnny Hiland and Neal Evans of Soulive.

The geat-value KILO-WAH is a versatile pedal with four on-board WAH effects. The pedal features a classic wah sound, the renowned MEGA-WAH sound with fattened bass, wider sweep and boosted resonant peaks, an auto-wah, and finally a funky note-triggered wah which is an envelope filter that actually sounds musical. The pedal is activated by a noise-free, wear-free optically-linked pedal mechanism.

The sounds can be auditioned on www.gig-fx.com. There are four settings:

  • The Classic 'CRY' setting emulates the exact waveforms and sweep of a classic wah pedal that we all know and love.
  • The 'MEGA' setting takes that classic wah sound and extends the bass with no loss to the high end, which is something other pedals can not do because of inductor limitations. The result is a deep low end and a wide sweep all the way to a crisp and clear high end. Guitarists can now produce deep, funky wah sounds similar to the intro sound used on NIN's song, 'Closer' as well as wail more than any other pedal wah.
  • In the 'TRIG' setting, the MEGA wah effect is triggered by a note to produce a clean and funky envelope type effect and given the low end response, is great for adding percussive texture to any rhythm pattern.
  • In the 'AUTO' setting, the pedal provides a wah at a given frequency as governed by the rate control.

The KILO-WAH offers multiple individual wah effects that would cost much more to acquire separately yet retains the classic essence of an analog wah.

All gig-fx pedals are housed in road-worthy, lightweight aircraft aluminum castings featuring a patented, ergonomic shape and are manufactured to the highest standards featuring a true analog signal path with transparent by-pass.

All gig-fx pedals are distributed by Fender Wholesale Division in the US.

MSRP $249.99, estimated street $175

For more information, visit their web site at www.gig-fx.com.
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