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gig-fx Ships The MegaWah Effects Pedal

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gig-fx Ships The MegaWah Effects Pedal

Apr 29, 2006

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gig-fx is pleased to announce that the MegaWah is now released for general sale throughout North America and Europe.

If you take a classic Wah sound and widen the bass sweep and boost the resonant peaks, you get a huge new wah sound called the MegaWah. In addition, the MegaWah is the first all-analog wah pedal which offers all forms of wah including classic wah, auto-wah, synth-wah (envelope filter) and the aforementioned powerful new wah sound. The pedal incorporates two independent wah circuits to provide stereo in and out channels. Being stereo allows for some unique effects; the wah sweep on one channel can be reversed to provide a completely new sound which is surprisingly melodic when combined with the straight channel. Another unique sound is achieved by plugging the output of the left channel into the input of the right channel so twice as much wah power is generated and extremes of tone hitherto not achievable. To complete the versatility, the pedal can be switched to provide a stereo volume / gain pedal which can provide a few dB of clean gain if required. The pedal is activated by a noise-free, wear-free optically-linked pedal mechanism.

There are four basic settings:

In the Classic 'Cry' setting, the pedal emulates the exact waveforms and sweep of a classic wah pedal that we all know and love. Great care was taken to make sure that this classic sound is authentic, and not merely a close emulation. Having said this, the MegaWah has a resonance control to adjust the intensity of the gain peak to provide more wah effect, as well as an overall gain control to allow some boost when soloing.

The 'MegaWah' setting takes that classic wah sound and extends the bass with no loss to the high end, which is something other pedals can not do because of inductor limitations. The result is a deep low end and a wide sweep all the way to a crisp and clear high end. The net effect is that guitarists can now produce deep, synth wah sounds similar to the intro sound used on NIN's song, 'Closer' as well as ballsy rock wah sounds that go further than any other pedal wah. It can thunder as well as scream.

In the 'trig' setting, the wah is triggered by a note to produce a clean and funky envelope filter effect and given the low end response, is great for adding percussive texture to any rhythm pattern.

In the 'Auto-Wah' setting, the pedal provides a wah at a given frequency as governed by the rate control.

In addition, there are two selector switches on board, one is to reverse the wah on one channel and the other changes the pedal into a stereo foot-volume control that has a slight amount of clean gain when fully pressed down.

The MegaWah offers multiple individual wah effects that would cost much more to acquire separately yet retains the classic essence of an analog wah.

All gig-fx pedals are housed in road-worthy, lightweight aircraft aluminum castings featuring a patented, ergonomic shape and are manufactured to the highest standards featuring a true analog signal path with transparent by-pass. Designed by musicians for musicians.

For more information, visit their web site at www.gig-fx.com.
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