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PyP-Bomb PB-1A Portable Amplifier w/auxiliary input channel
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PyP-Bomb PB-1A Portable Amplifier w/auxiliary input channel

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by PyP-Bomb

Portable amplifier. Made by PyP-Bomb. (EM.PB-1A)

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The PyP-Bomb is truly the next generation in quality portable power amplifiers! Combining solid state technology with state-of-the-art circuitry the PyP-Bomb is able to reproduce your instrument like no other portable amp can. Not only is the PyP-Bomb a great guitar amp, but it can also become your portable bass amp, harp amp, and even portable PA system!

The NEW PB-1A has been designed to produce a wider frequency response required by a standard electric/acoustic guitar, and it includes a new auxiliary port which allows you to plug in an external source directly into the front panel. Designed around the output of the iPod and iPod Shuffle, the auxilliary port can be used to amplify any external source via the headphone jack. Just plug in the output of your portable player into the PyP-Bomb auxilliary port, and you'll get the great sound reproduction that has given the PyP-Bomb amp it's great name!

With the one-of-a-kind ELECTRIC/ACOUSTIC switch you can actively control the frequency response of the amplifier and cater it to the requirements of the instrument you are using. This remarkable little switch allows you to play anything from the hottest double-coil to your favorite preamped acoustic

Besides its unique looks and great sound, the PyP-Bomb will also keep you playing while all other portables fade. The built-in sealed lead acid battery will keep this little practice amp running for approximately 2 weeks under normal use. Charging takes about 2- 4 hours and then you're off again. Additionally, the state-of-the-art circuitry will NEVER overcharge the battery. If the PyP-Bomb is left charging indefinitely, the smart circuitry will drop the charge to trickle and keep the internal battery in optimal condition. If the PyP-Bomb is put into storage, the internal circuitry will again sense this and extend the battery life to approximately four to six months without the need for additional charging.

The Line out jack allows you to plug in a standard set of stereo headphones for those quiet times when you just have get your practice in, but don't want to disturb those around you.

Additional features like its rugged construction, internal UV lights, strap-pins for a standard guitar strap, and many more, make the PyP-Bomb the amp of choice.


  • ELECTRIC/ACOUSTIC switch for the ultimate in flexibility
  • Auxilliary input jack for your iPod or standard MP3/CD player!
  • Modified frequency response curve for full range output all channels.
  • Recharges in 2-4 hours --- plays for days!
  • Ultra-lightweight design (3.8 lbs. - 1.7 kgs.)
  • 18 RMS watts of power
  • High visibility power light
  • Headphone 1/4" output jack
  • Solid state construction with tube-like sound qualities
  • Built-in protection circuit will not overcharge battery
  • AC adapter/recharger included
  • Thermal, surge and ground fault protection
  • Dimensions (approx.): 8.5" H x 6.5" D x 4.5" W
  • Built-in guitar strap pins for carry strap (strap not included)

Musical Instruments:

No matter what instrument you have, the PyP-Bomb is the amp for you. The PyP-Bomb has been used a practice amplifier for instruments anywhere from electric guitar, bass, keyboard, acoustic and even harp. As long as you can come out of your gear with a 1/4" mono jack, you should be all set. All you have to do is plug it in to the line in jack on the PyP-Bomb, and start jamming - and with the Auxiliary jack you can now jam along to your favorite music!

The Electric/Acoustic switch is specifically designed for electric vs. acoustic guitars, but can be used for any instrument you plug in. Each position will offer you a variation of sound that you can further modify with the full range tone control.

Public Address Systems:
With the use of a microphone impedance matching transformer adapter you can plug a standard dynamic microphone into the PyP-Bomb without any additional requirements. The adapter we use is the Audio-Technica model number CP8201. Plugging this device into your microphone's XLR jack and then into the PyP-Bomb input, you are all set to go. Switching between Acoustic and Electric will give you a variation on sound that you can further modify with the tone control. For further power, connect two PyP-Bombs by using a 1/4" Y jack combined with the above adapter.

CD/MP3 Players:
The PyP-Bomb PB-1A can easily function as a portable amplifier for your CD/MP3 player, or even your walkman, through it's auxiliary input port.

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