Hava N'Chalela
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Hava N'Chalela

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Composed by Tzipora H. Jochsberger.

A Method for the Recorder Based on Israel Folk Melodies. Transcontinental Music Folios. 9x12 inches. 66 pages. Published by Transcontinental Music Publications. (HL.00191020)

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A complete method for C recorder featuring Israeli folk melodies as practice exercises. Includes many duets as well!

Songs Include:

  • A LITTLE SUITE (Jochsberger)
  • ADIR HU-Mighty Is He-Passover (Traditional)
  • ADONAI RO'I-From Psalm 23 (Ben-Haim)
  • AGADAT KINERT-The Legend Of Kineret (Krichevsky)
  • AGIL V'ESMACH-Let Us Rejoice (Folksong)
  • AHAVAT HADASSAH-The Love Of Hadassah (Yemenite Melody)
  • ALEI GIVAH-On The Hill (Rabina)
  • ALI B'EIR-The Well (Levy)
  • AMCHA YISRAEL-Israel Lives (Unknown)
  • ANA HALACH DODEICH-Whither My Beloved (Aldema)
  • ANA HALACH DODEICH-Whither My Beloved? (Amiran)
  • ANI MA'AMIN-I Believe (Traditional)
  • AT ADAMAH-Desert Song (Folksong)
  • AVATIACH-The Watermelon (Edel)
  • AVIV HIGIYA-Spring Has Arrived (Admon)
  • B'SHUV ADONAI-Return To Zion (Sambursky)
  • BA HABOKER-Morning Comes (Chatuli)
  • BIRKAT HAGALIL-Greetings From The Galil (Zehavi)
  • BO DODI-Come, My Beloved (Dror)
  • CANON (Sternklar)
  • CHAG PURIM-Purim Holiday (Folksong)
  • CHANUKAH-Chanukah (Folksong)
  • CHARUZEI S'FIRAH-A Game (Engel)
  • CHATUL GANAV-The Naughty Kitten (Admon)
  • DAVID, MELECH YISRAEL-David, King of Israel (Folksong)
  • DAYEINU-It Would Have Been Enough (Trad. Pesach)
  • DEBKA-An Oriental Dance (Unknown)
  • DUGIT-Sailor's Dream (Folksong)
  • EILEH CHAMDAH LIBI-These My Heart Desires (Hassidic)
  • EIN ADIR-There Is None So Mighty (Sephardic Melody)
  • EIN KIY'RUSHALAYIM-There Is None Like Jerusalem (Kirsch)
  • EISH, EISH-Bonfire-For Lag B'Omer (Amiran)
  • EL ARTSI-My Beloved Land (Sharet)
  • EL GINAT EGOZ-To The Orchard (Levy)
  • EREV BA-Evening Comes (Levanon)
  • EREV BAGALIL-Evening In The Galilee (Greenshpon)
  • EREV SHABBAT-On Sabbath Eve (Walbe)
  • EREV SHEL SHOSHANIM-Evening of Roses (Folksong)
  • ESA EINAI-I Will Lift My Eyes (Carlebach)
  • GIZRATEICH-A Love Song (Navon)
  • HA KESHET-The Rainbow (Eisenstein)
  • HA'EIT LACHEM ATEM-Is There Time? (Jacobson)
  • HACHAMAH MEIROSH HA'ILANOT-The Sun Is Setting (Minkovsky)
  • HAGAMAL-The Camel (Ravina)
  • HAKELEV-A Dog (Goitein)
  • HANAVA BABANOT-A Love Song (Neeman)
  • HARAKEFET-The Cyclamen (Unknown)
  • HARAKEVET-The Train (Omer)
  • HARMONIKAH-Dance (Elkoni)
  • HASHIVEINU-Let Us Return (Ben Uri)
  • HATIKVAH-National Anthem Of Israel (Unknown)
  • HAVA NETSEI B'MACHOL-Let Us Dance (Unknown)
  • HAVA'AT HABIKURIM-The First Fruits (Admon)
  • HAVU LANU YAYIN-A Drinking Song (Shelem)
  • HINE MA TOV-How Good It Is (Jacobson)
  • HINE MAH TOV-How Good It Is (Folk)
  • HITRAG'UT-Quiet Love (Nardi)
  • HOLEIM TSA'ADI (Zeira)
  • IM BA'ARAZIM-The Cedars (Yaron)
  • IM HASHACHAR-In The Morning (Levy)
  • K'ROEH EDRO-As A Shepherd And His Flock (Breuer)
  • KI MITSION-Out Of Zion (Shahar)
  • KI TAVO'U-When You Enter The Land (Unknown)
  • KI V'SIMCHA TETZEI'U-A Song Of Rejoicing (Unknoe=wn)
  • KIRYA YEFEFIYAH_O Beautiful Jerusalem (Unknown)
  • KOL DICHFIN-On Seder Night (Unknown)
  • KUMA ECHA-Hora (Postolsky)
  • LACH YERUSHALAYIM-To You, Jerusalem (Rubinstein)
  • LAY'LA, LAY'LA-In The Night(Love Song) (Zeira)
  • M'LAF'FON-The Green Cucumber (Folksong)
  • M'NORAH V'ANFEI ZAIT-The Candelabra & The Olive Branch (Amiran)
  • MA NAVU-Song Of The Redeemer (Spivak)
  • MAH TOVU-How Beautiful (Amiran)
  • MAH TOVU-How Beautiful (Folk)
  • MAL'U ASAMEINU BAR-Bountiful Harvest (Zehavi)
  • MANGINA-Melody (Judeo-Espagnol)
  • MAOZ TSUR-Rock Of Ages(Chanukah) (Marcello)
  • MAOZ TSUR-Rock Of Ages(Chanukah) (Traditional)
  • MAYIM, MAYIM-Water Song (Amiran)
  • MI YIVNEH HAGALIL-The Galil (Folksong)
  • MOLAD'TI-My Homeland (Rapaport)
  • MOLAD'TI-My Homeland (Unknown)
  • NATATI EITS-I Planted A Tree (Ezrachi)
  • NIGUN-Melody Without Words (Judeo-Espagnol)
  • NIGUN-Song Without Words (Folk)
  • NUMI, NUMI YALDATI-Cradle Song (Engel)
  • OLIM-The Immigrants (Postolsky)
  • OSEH SHALOM-Song Of Peace (Hirsch)
  • PIZMON LAYAKINTON-A Flower Song (Gvili)
  • RIKUD HAKAVSTSANIM-Dance Of The Beggars (Engel)
  • RIKUD-A Dance (Unknown)
  • RIKUD-Dance (Unknown)
  • ROEH M'CHALEIL-The Shepherd And His Flute (Engel)
  • SA'ENU-Bring Us To The Desert (Unknown)
  • SEH-Sheep (Zehavi)
  • SHANAH CHADASHAH-A New Year (Amiran)
  • SHIBOLIM HIVSHILU-Harvest Song (Omer)
  • SHIM'U EILAI-Listen To Me (Hofman)
  • SHIR AM-Folk Song (Judeo-Espagnol)
  • SHIR AM-Folk Song (Unknown)
  • SHIR CHANUKAH-Chanukah Song (Salomon)
  • SHIR ERES-Cradle Song (Zehavi)
  • SHIR ERES-Lullaby (Bik)
  • SHIR ERES-Lullaby (Unknown)
  • SHIR HA'ASIR-The Prisoner (Minkovsky)
  • SHIR HA'AVIV-Spring Song (Shelem)
  • SHIR HA'EMEK-Song Of The Valley (Sambursky)
  • SHIR HAM'SHOTET-Yearning (Levy)
  • SHIR HANODEID-The Wanderer (Nardi)
  • SHIR HAPALMACH-Song Of The Commandos (Zehavi)
  • SHIR HARA'ASHAN-The Grogger (Nardi)
  • SHIR HAROEH HAGALIL-The Shepherd (Ben-Baruch)
  • SHIR HASHOMER-Song Of The Watchman (Chatuli)
  • SHIR HECHALIL-Shepherd's Pipe (Zeira)
  • SHIR RACHEL-The Song Of Rachel (Sharet)
  • SIMI YADEICH-Put Your Hand In Mine (Unknown)
  • TAPUCHIM UD'VASH-Apples And Honey (Folksong)
  • TRACTOR (Chatuli)
  • TSIF, TSIF, TSIPOR-Chirp Little Birds (Eisenstein)
  • TSIPOR BAGAN-A Bird In A Garden (Edel)
  • TSIYON BAMISHPAT TIPADEH-Zion Will Be Remembered (Ben-Chaim)
  • TU B'SHVAT-The Festival Of Trees (Ravina)
  • V'NATAN EITS HASADEH-And The Tree Gave Its Fruit (Braun)
  • VIYEHUDA L'OLAM TESHEV-And Judah Will Dwell Forever (Jacobson)
  • YEMINAH-Right And Left (Unknown)
  • YISM'CHU HASHAMAYIM-Let The Heavens Rejoice (Hassidic Melody)
  • YOM ZEH M'CHUBAD-A Day To Honor (Unknown)
  • ZEMER CHAG-A Festive Song (Zamir)
  • ZEMER, ZEMER LACH-A Song To You (Unknown)
  • ZULATEINU (Sambursky)

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