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Adventus Ear Training Coach 3 & 4 - for Windows

Adventus Ear Training Coach 3 & 4 - for Windows

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by Adventus

Music Software. Made by Adventus. (TW.AV-ETC3-4-W)

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The next step of Adevntus' Ear Training Coach Software, Levels 3 & 4, build and expand on the principles introduced in levels 1& 2.

A resource for students and teachers, the Ear Training Coach Series helps students develop their musical ear in a self-paced learning environment.

What previously required an instructor's undivided attention is now possible to achieve on one's own, every day:

  • quickly develop aural perception and sight-reading ability
  • specifically designed for preparing students for the sight-reading and ear-training portions of music examinations (follows the RCM syllabus)
  • thousands of exercises at each conservatory level

The Ear Training Coach Series offers music teachers a solution for implementing a robust ear training program. Your students will play back musical passages by ear, read music at sight, and learn to discern pitches, intervals, scales, chords and rhythms. With daily use at home, students will see results and you can avoid monopolizing valuable lesson time.

Students are directed to areas that need improvement and receive detailed reporting for each exercise and game. Ear Training Coach even provides recommendations on when students should move on to the next grade level. Your student's activities may be recorded for both your and their reference.

Ear Training Coach 1&^2 develops the ability to recognize and play rhythmic passages. The student repeats each rhythm pattern after hearing it played. The student plays in time with an adjustable metronome and their recording is compared in detail to the original rhythm. Hundreds of selections are provided for each grade level. Each assessment is saved.

This software also improves the ability to retain and play back melodic passages. Ear Training Coach gives the key of a short melody and plays it twice. The student plays back the melody in time, with an adjustable metronome. Hundreds of selections are provided for each grade level.

Ear Training Coach develops the ability to discern between musical intervals and identify them by symbol or notation. A random interval is played once and then identified by the student. Settings include: the set of intervals, melodic up, melodic down, treble clef, bass clef, symbol, notation, and instrument. Each assessment is saved.

These programs also improve the ability to review musical passages and play them back at sight. The student is given the notation, a period for review and then plays the passage. There are two evaluation settings: Wait for Note (beginner) and Notes and Timing (intermediate). Hundreds of selections are provided for each grade level. Each assessment is saved.

Games included in the software:
  • Replay: The student plays back a given melody or series of random notes. The combination to remember increases one note at a time. The player can select different zones and speeds.
  • Tune Twister: A mystery melody is transformed into a crossword puzzle. The student listens to the pitch of a cell and guesses its note based on the relative pitch of adjoining cells. When all the cells are correct the mystery piece is played.
  • Tunewalk: The student selects a full-length piece or a random graded piece. The tunewalk engine helps the student learn to play the entire piece back by ear. Tunewalk has graded content.
  • Skaler: The student moves a mountain climber through the mountains by playing finger exercises. The three-minute levels develop dexterity and look-ahead ability for both hands. Skaler has graded content.
  • Grand Staff Battle: The student moves the game character through a maze using the computer or keyboard to select magical pitches that will render the dangerous characters harmless. The magical pitches are presented on the staff. This game has multi-level settings.

Technical Requirements:
  • Computer
  • Speakers and/or headset (microphone optional)
  • MIDI keyboard with cable (velocity sensitive recommended)
  • Windows 98, ME, 2000, or XP
  • Pentium 3 or 500+ MHz Windows PC
  • 128+ MB RAM
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Audio: Dedicated sound card with hardware MIDI synthesis

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