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American DJ Festive Light Pak II

Posted on Jul 21, 2011

American DJ Festive Light Pak II

A complete DJ effects lighting package for mobile DJs and party rooms, at an incredibly affordable price! The American DJ Festive Light Pak is a DJ special effects lighting package that includes three versatile party lights. At an incredibly low price, this package is a good choice for anyone looking for small venue party lights on a budget.

Three Lighting Effects for One Low Price
This package includes three effects lights -- the Multi-Flower II Moonflower Special Effects Light, the ColorBall II Special Effects Light, and the S-25 II Mini Strobe. The Multi-Flower II and the ColorBall II are lights that can be placed on either end of your party space or dance floor, with each throwing off a dazzling array of colors and rotating slowly. The mini-strobe complements the other two effects with a small but powerful strobe light.

Check out the video below to see an overview of the entire package:

The Moonflower Effect - The Multi-Flower II
The Multi-Flower II is a moonflower-type effect that shoots out colorful beams around the party space. It can be set for continuous rotation, or static mode. Its 50w lamp is enough to cover a small dance floor, and teamed with the Colorball II it's great for any small venue.

The Color Ball Effect - The Colorball II
The Colorball II is a centerpiece-type effect, with a ball that shoots out 60 colored beams of light. Its slow, continuous rotation gives a perfect effect for small dance floors, and it looks great when used in concert with the Multi-Flower II.

The Strobe Light - S-25 II Mini Strobe
The S-25 II Mini Strobe is small yet powerful, and works well when used with the other two effects. It might have been nicer to include a more powerful strobe with this package, but the S-25 II gets the job done, and is perfectly adequate given the incredibly low price of the package.

Summing it all up... a great value for mobile DJs or party rooms!
By combining three separate special effects lights, the American DJ Festive Light Pak II gives you a great package for smaller venues. The lights in this package won't be strong enough for spaces over 40 x 40 or so, but they are perfect for anyone on a budget. It would have been nice to see a stronger strobe in this package, but given the price it's hard to complain. You can always add on a Big Shot Strobe for just a few bucks extra...

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