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Daisy Rock Stardust Elite Electric Guitar

Posted on Jul 19, 2011

Stardust Elite Violet
Stardust Elite Purple
Stardust Elite Blue

The Daisy Rock Stardust Elite Electric Guitar is one of our best-selling models from Daisy Rock, and it's easy to see why. This guitar model is absolutely gorgeous, and with a couple of breathtaking colors, there's a choice for everyone. Daisy Rock is usually known as the premier maker of guitars for female guitarists, but some of the finishes on these guitars are honestly so cool that I'm sure most guy guitarists would also love to get their hands on them.

Don't Let its Hot Looks Fool You, It Sounds Great, Too!
The Stardust Elite models all feature two high-output humbucking pickups, for a rough, meaty tone that's great for hard jamming. But if you're a single-coil fan, don't despair! These guitars have a special coil tap system that allows you to dial in single-coil sound from your pickups with just a quick flick of a button. Check out this video and you'll get a feel for what this guitar can sound like:

Smooth Daisy Rock Playability, Too!
One of Daisy Rock's trademarks from early on has been the manufacture of guitars with a slightly narrower neck, to make fretting easier for slightly smaller hands. The Stardust Elite models also feature a slick satin back on the neck, allowing you to slide up and down the neck with ease. All in all, playability has always been one of Daisy Rock's strengths, especially for female players, and this model does not disappoint! Here's a video showcasing the Stardust Elite Isis model, a slightly upgraded model of the same series:

Summing It Up... if you like the look, it's a great choice!
Guitar Player Magazine ran a review of this guitar model in which they listed the "cons" as "none" -- that pretty much sums it up. The sound and features that you get in the Stardust Elite are very good for the price. The looks of this guitar are very flashy, great for female guitarists and also probably to the taste of many guy guitarists, too. So if you like the looks of the Daisy Rock Stardust Elite Electric Guitar, go ahead and get yourself one... you won't be disappointed!

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