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Luna Faerie Children's Mini-Acoustic Guitar - Pink with Fairy Design

Luna Faerie

Check out the Luna Faerie Children's Acoustic Guitar, a great starter guitar for girls age 5-9. It's made just the right size for little hands, it's quite inexpensive, and most important of all, it's beautiful!

The Look that Your Little Girl Will Love
We get a lot of requests for pink children's guitars for birthdays and holidays. The Luna Faerie is one of our best-selling pink models, because out of all the pink guitars that we carry, this is the one that has the prettiest design on it (as long as your child likes fairies). The fairy design is beautiful, guaranteed to produce lots of "awww, how cute!" moments...

A Great Value at the Price
This guitar is priced as a beginner guitar for children. For the price, it's a very good deal. It has a 34" body in a scaled-down dreadnought style, with maple neck and fingerboard. It also comes with a Luna gig bag included.

While you won't find premium features on it like a solid top, the fact is that Luna makes real guitars, not the kind of toys that can be found in some other stores. This guitar will play and sound like a real guitar, not a toy.

For a look at just how good this guitar can sound, take a look at this video, performed completely on a Luna Faerie:

Summing it all up... a very good value for your little girl!
This is a perfect guitar to buy if you're looking for a guitar that will make your child happy and look great, but you are not sure that your child will stick with guitar so you don't want to spend too much money. The sound of this guitar is, of course, not as full as a larger guitar model, but it still sounds pretty good.

If you're looking for a guitar with real premium features, then this probably is not the guitar for you -- it does not have Grover tuners or a solid top.

But if you want a quality, inexpensive guitar for a girl, this is an excellent choice.

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