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MBT Lighting Weekender DMX (WeekenDMX) Stage Lighting System

Posted on Jul 12, 2011

MBT WeekenDMX Full System

The MBT WeekenDMX Stage Lighting System is an all-purpose stage lighting system for medium-sized and small venues. Suitable for stages up to 20' x 30', it is a perfect choice for most schools, churches, small clubs, and any venue with a medium-sized stage. It comes ready-to-go out of the box, it's easy to set up and take down, and it's one of the most affordable lighting systems in its class, which is why it's consistently one of our top sellers.

This system is available in both chrome and black colors.

The Complete WeekenDMX Stage Lighting System Includes The Following Components::

  • 8 PAR56 Cans with 300-watt Lamps
  • 2 LTS01 Heavy-duty Light Stands
  • 1 CX803 8-Channel DMX Lighting Controller
  • 2 DX404 4-channel DMX Dimmer Packs
  • 2 Hanging Brackets, 2 Pipe Clamps
  • 2 50' DMX Cables
  • 6 Gel Packs of various colors

MBT Par56 Par Can

Par Cans
The Par Cans in this stage lighting system are Par56 cans, with 300-watt lamps. They are generally used for distances from 15'-25' from the performers, so with 2 lighting stands on either side of the stage, they are perfect for stages up to 20' x 30', if positioned at the front corners of the stage. If you require more intense lighting, these par cans are rated for lamps up to 500 watts.

WeekenDMX Controller

Dimming Controller
The CX803 controller that comes with this package is simple to use, which is why it is generally popular with schools and churches, where there is not a lighting professional to run the lights. This controller features one slider for each light plus a master fader and blackout swithc. It also has 8 programmable scene settings, and a chase function which can be set to respond to audio for use on dance floors, etc.

The one disadvantage of this controller is that it is for exactly 8 channels, which leaves no room for future expansion. Should you decide in future to add more lights, you would either need to get a new controller with more channels, or have multiple lights controlled by one channel.

DX404 Dimmer Pack

Dimmer Packs
The system includes 2 DX404 Dimmer Packs, as well as clamps and brackets to hang them on the lighting stands with the par cans. The par cans plug into the dimmer packs, which are then connected via DMX cables to the lighting controller. Each dimmer pack has 4 outlets, so any expansion of the system would also require that you purchase additional dimmer packs for any additional lights.

LTS-01 Lighting Stand

Lighting Stands
This system includes 2 heavy-duty lighting stands. The stands adjust up to 12 feet high, and the T-bar is 4 feet across. They are extremely sturdy and durable, and fold up easily when not in use -- another reason that the system is popular for schools and churches.

These stands are usually positioned at the front corners of the stage, each holding 4 lights plus one dimmer pack.

Summing it all up...
The WeekenDMX is a great stage lighting system for most schools, churches and other venues with a stage up to 20' x 30'. It is easy to use, versatile, easy to set up and take down, and perfect for most types of stage productions.

Why might you NOT want this system? If you're planning further expansion of your lighting system, then this system might not be for you, since the controller is limited to 8 channels. Also, if your stage is larger than 20'x30', or the lights are to be positioned more than 25' from the performers, you might consider a system with more powerful lights. If your stage is small and the lights will be closer than 15', you should consider a less-expensive system with Par38 par cans.

Other than that, the WeekenDMX stage lighting package is a great choice for any venue looking for an all-purpose lighting system!

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