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Sierra ST10 Compass Travel Guitar - an undersized acoustic that's great for travel, or for kids

Posted on Jul 21, 2011

Sierra ST10 Compass

The Sierra ST10 Compass Acoustic Guitar is an undersized guitar with big sound. It is an excellent choice as either a travel guitar, or a guitar for children or smaller guitarists. Unlike most guitars with smaller bodies, this 34" guitar does not compromise on sound, and it has a great set of features not normally seen in guitars of this size.

A Guitar with Awesome Features, at a Great Price!
Sierra is known for providing great value in its quality instruments, and the Sierra Compass does not disappoint. It's one of the few undersize guitars that we know of with a solid spruce top at this affordable price level. The solid top really makes a difference in sound quality, which is very important in small-body guitars.

The Sierra ST10 also has mahogany back and sides to support its rich tone, reliable machine heads to keep it in tune, and it comes with a padded gig bag. Here's a video that gives you an overview of the features of this guitar:

Who Says Size Matters? This Little Guitar Has Big Sound...
What's probably most important of all is that this guitar sounds great, despite its diminutive size. Many smaller-bodied guitars lose out in tone, but the construction and solid top mean that the Sierra Compass does not have to compromise as much in tone as many other smaller guitars.

Here's a video where you can see someone jamming on a Sierra Compass ST10 and hear how it sounds (the guitarist on the right is playing an ST10):

Start Your Kids off with a Real Guitar!
Many of the 34" and 36" starter acoustic guitars out there are not "real" guitars. They lack features and sound quality, and actually make it more difficult for a child to learn. The Sierra Compass ST10, at 34" in overall length, is suitable for kids from age 6 to 10, and because of its high quality, it will make learning guitar easier and more fun. Check out this video of aspiring Sierra artist Hannah Burton playing hers:

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