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Squier Bullet Electric Guitar

Posted on Jul 14, 2011

Squier Bullets

Squier Bullet electric guitars are a great choice for anyone who is looking for a cheap guitar with guaranteed quality, good tone and classical styling.

The Squier Bullet is possibly the most affordable quality guitar model you'll find -- simply put, the price can't be beat! But don't be fooled by the the low price. A high level of quality is guaranteed, because Squier Bullet electric guitars are made by Fender, the world's #1 electric guitar manufacturer.

The Bullet comes in the style of the famous Fender Stratocaster, with a full palette of 6 attractive colors. There is also a new model based on the so-called "Fat Strat", with a humbucker pickup to add extra meat to the guitar's tone.

What's the downside? The Bullet has very bare-bones features and generic parts, which is what makes it so affordable. But it's a great guitar for beginners and anyone on a budget, and as you'll see from the video below, it can sound great if you learn how to play it!

Overview of Product Specifications
Let's take a quick look at these guitars. The Squier Bullet has many features that are the same as guitars costing hundreds of dollars more. The body is in the style of the famous Stratocaster, the same type made famous by Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, and the most recognizable guitar model. The Bullet boasts a full-size neck (25.5" scale) with a Rosewood fretboard, as well as the standard Strat pickup configuration with 3 single-coil pickups (the HSS Fat Strat model substitutes a humbucker for one of the single coil pickups, for a little added muscle). It also has a 5-way pickup selector switch, volume and tone controls, and comes standard with a vintage-style tremolo (whammy bar).

This set of features clearly distinguishes the Bullet as a guitar for real guitarists, not just a cheapo copy.

Here's a pic of the "Fat Strat" HSS version with a humbucker pickup:

Squier Bullet HSS

Why So Cheap?
Fender has been able to keep the cost of the Squier Bullet low by manufacturing it in China, and using bare-bones components and parts. The body is made of solid basswood, a fine hardwood but without the tonal integrity of some more expensive tonewoods. The pickups are generic, lacking some of the oomph of higher-end pickups. You've also got a set of tuners that won't hold the guitar in tune as well as locking tuners on more expensive models, and the 1-ply pickguard is a bit flimsy.

Watch the video below you'll see that the Squier Bullet is a real electric guitar, and despite its limitations, this axe can sound great in the hands of a serious guitarist

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