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Squier SE Special Electric Guitar Starter Package

Posted on Jul 13, 2011

Squier SE Special Guitar Package

The World's Favorite Guitar Starter Pack Does Not Disappoint!
Squier guitar starter packs, made by Fender, are the world's best-known and most popular guitar starter kits. There is a good reason for this -- they provide a high-quality, all-inclusive package that will let any beginning guitarist get started playing guitar right away. The Squier SE Special Guitar Packages are also remarkably affordable, given the quality of the guitar and the amount of stuff you get in the package.

If you're reading this review, it's probably because you are interested in getting started on electric guitar, or perhaps you want to buy a guitar starter pack for a friend, child or loved one. The Squier SE Special Electric Guitar Package is a perfect choice for almost any beginner who is old enough to play a full-size guitar. For those of you who know little about guitar and are just starting to do your research before deciding what to buy, read on to see why this package is probably a good choice for you...

SE Special Guitar - black
SE Special Guitar - sunburst
SE Special Guitar - white

The Guitar - Squier SE Special Stratocaster
The guitar that is included in this package is a full-size Squier SE Special Stratocaster that is made in the style of the classic Fender Stratocaster, the most famous electric guitar model in history. It can be bought in three colors - black, white or sunburst. This guitar features a solid body, full-length neck (25.5" scale) with rosewood fretboard and 22 medium jumbo frets, 3 single-coil pickups, and a tremolo (whammy bar). The components are, of course, generic, as one would expect for an instrument at this price level, but Fender is very meticulous about quality control, so with this package you can be certain you'll get a guitar that looks, sounds and plays well. With this full slate of features at an affordable price, the SE Special Strat is a perfect electric guitar for a beginner.

Squier SP10 Amplifier

The Amplifier - Squier SP10 Amp
The SE Special Package also includes a Squier SP-10 guitar amplifier. With only 10 watts of power, this amp is not extremely loud, but it's certainly loud enough to be heard and perfectly suitable for home practice sessions. It can be played with a clean sound, or overdrive can be turned on for a more distorted hard rock type sound, and also has bass and treble tone controls. The amp also features a headphone jack for quiet late-night practice sessions.

Additional Accessories - what else is in the box?
To make sure that you can get started right away, this guitar package also includes a whole host of additional goodies, including a guitar strap, gig bag, tuner and instructional DVD. Note that some packages don't include a tuner -- it's especially important to get a guitar tuner when you're starting out, because if your guitar is not in tune it may sound bad even if you're playing correctly.

The DVD that is included is Fender's "Getting Started on Electric Guitar", specially made for beginners to get started out.

Summing up... a great way to get started on guitar!
All in all, there's not much to criticize in this electric guitar package. It has everything you need to get started, the quality is very good and the price is great.

Why might you choose a different package instead of this one? One reason could be the guitar body style, or color. If you would prefer a different shape, style or color guitar, there are several other very good starter packs from Ibanez, Washburn and others. Another possible reason could be that you want a louder amp. In this case, Squier offers a couple of packages with upgraded amplifiers.

In general, though, if you're looking to get started on guitar and you're on a budget, the Fender Squier SE Special Electric Guitar Starter Pack is an excellent choice. There's a reason Squier electric guitar starter packs are the world's most popular!

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