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MBT Lighting DJ416 DJ Lighting System - Setup Info and Demo


This video gives a quick, thorough overview of MBT Lighting's DJ416 DJ Lighting System. The DJ416 is one of the most popular products that we carry from MBT, because it's a complete DJ lighting system that is affordable & portable. It also features a footswitch controller, which makes it possible to control the lighting system while using your hands for other things.

This video gives you a great look at how the system is set up, which is done quickly once the lights are attached to the T-bar. It also shows you how the system operates, with the foot controller giving you options for full on, chase, or blackout. Chase can be sound-active or you can set the chase speed manually.

The DJ416 is a perfect lighting system for mobile DJ's and also useful for bands that want a basic lighting system or small venues on a budget. Check out the video for a detailed look at this great DJ lighting system!


MBT DJ416 DJ Lighting Package with Footswitch

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