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Squier Bullet Strat HSS "Fat Strat" Electric Guitar - Demo


The Squier Bullet series is the cheapest entry-level electric guitar made by Fender, the world's #1 maker of electric guitars. The Squier Bullets feature a body in the style of the famous Fender Stratocaster, as well as a well-thought-out set of no-nonsense features.

This video shows a guitarist jamming on a Squier Bullet (this is the "Fat Strat" version with a humbucker pickup). What is amazing is how good this guitar sounds. While it may lack the features of guitars that cost hundreds of dollars more, you really can't go wrong with this model if you're starting out...

NOTE: This video was made by AudioFanZine.com, an online magazine for musicians and sound engineers. ActiveMusician.com is not affiliated with AudioFanZine.com.


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